Are We Going to Give Gaming in Hands of Scripting Languages?

Games are often regarded as applications requiring high performance. Many of them require high performance hardware and software (graphic drivers, OpenGL, DirectX). But this is mainly true for high graphics 3D games for consoles and PC. Game developers try to keep browser and other downloadable casual games free from this requirement. So the casual gaming often comprises of slow event based games with low FPS (Frames per Second) ข่าวฟุตบอลทั้งหมด.

The recent surge in web applications has arrived with a large number of browser games. These comprise of some very popular titles Farmville, Mafia Wars, Travian etc. Most of them either use Flash or JavaScript for their front end. The backend is managed by sever side scripts such as PHP, Python, Perl etc. Thus, these games (in terms of FPS) can be only as fast as these scripts can handle events. Game play for these games is so designed that it involves player in series of tasks. These tasks are just requests to servers which cause corresponding change in state of an individual and game. They are more or less similar to Age of Empires. In all of them (often termed as real time strategy games) you try to acquire resources and use them efficiently. Obviously, the businesses you run vary from farming to criminal empire.

No doubt these games are great, entertaining and have a huge fan following. But the internet has got so much dominated by these real time strategy games that they have become synonymous to casual gaming. The number of these games is outnumbered only by “nonsense casual games” developed in Flash. “Nonsense casual games” are produced like FMCG (Fast Moving Commercial Goods) and their theme can be anything from hens laying eggs to kissing and dressing celebrities. Though, all flash games are not that bad (in fact some of them are quite innovative), but most of them are nothing but junk made out of flash graphics and action scripts.

So, broadly speaking the domination of scripting languages (Flash, Action Script, Java Script and server side scripting) has severely reduced the variety of games accessible to casual gamer. The scripting languages have their limitations when it comes to game development. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to implement every good game idea using Flash or JavaScript. Thus, developers end up building something non-creative.

Owing to growing market of casual gamers, it is time that developers try to put more creativity into casual game development. They must be ready to come out of scripting languages to real gaming technology which makes high speed 3D games possible. No doubt developing 100 casual games in flash is much easier as compared to developing one casual game in Java, C++ and C# using OpenGL or DirectX. But you cannot create even a good artillery game of the level of Pocket Tanks using these scripting languages. Gaming is a huge industry and demands knowledge, creativity and expertise with programming languages. We cannot leave it only in the hands of few slow scripting languages.

Tankaar is an artillery game powered by XMPP protocol (messaging protocol that is used by Jabber, GMail/GTalk). XMPP allows two players to chat and play simultaneously. The game is developed on Java and uses OpenGL for high speed graphics rendering to play the game and know more.

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