Four Nursery Wall Stickers Every Kid Will Love

Four Nursery Wall Stickers Every Kid Will Love

Four Nursery Wall Stickers Every Kid Will Love

Nursery wall stickers are the best addition for your little one’s room and for bringing colours, imagination and peculiar magic into the atmosphere where your little one is spending time with playing, dreaming and visualizing.

These beautiful wall stickers are all designed by Nordic and Scandinavian artists, bringing a classically European touch to your home. Each and every decal designs have been hand drafted by the incredible Lisa Flodmark from Sweden. Beyond being very nice looking, Stickstay wall stickers are also long lasting! At the design a lot of love and inspiration was added to create these excellent wall arts! It is very simple to attach them to your wall and they have a wide range of colours you can choose from for meeting your taste and your little one’s as well.

1. Rainbow nursery wall sticker

Look at the gorgeous rainbow wall sticker; surely it is the best way to brighten the walls of your child’s nursery, the bedroom or playroom. We used neutral pastel hues when designing this super cute rainbow wall sticker to smoothly match with a range of nursery wall colours.

Make your nursery even more adorable looking by pairing it up with our Sky the Unicorn wall sticker! Use your creativity without limits for the possibilities of design are endless with our range of stunning wall stickers for kids.

2. Savannah animal nursery wall sticker set

Imagine this! How about to transform your little one’s bedroom into magical wonderland? You only need these Savannah Friends wall stickers to do so!

And remember, not only are they super good-looking, Stickstay wall decals are also long lasting and easy to maintain.

3. Balloon nursery wall sticker set

Should we turn your little one’s bedroom into a whimsical wonderland? Sure, we only need these dreamy and dainty dusty mint hot air balloon wall stickers for the nursery or kids’ room! These sweet hot air balloon wall decals come as a set of three.

There is no doubt that your little one will dearly love all of these adorable and creative nursery wall stickers! Take a closer look at them by checking out Nordlife!