List of illegal games to play in online poker

Poker is a game of fun and fund. Players strive to maximize both using their intellectual capacity and emotional intelligence. However, the unfortunate reality of online poker is that it is not always fair. People use all possible means, sometimes illegal also, to minimize the risk through several prohibited activities like multi-accounting, bots, collusion, and ghosting.

All effort is to trick the system so that they could increase their chance to win the game. All reputed online poker sites have a very robust tracking system in place to detect any spurious activity. You might reap some rewards using prohibited tricks. Nevertheless, victory through such illegal games is very short-lived. Ultimately, such players get caught and banned from playing.

Here are some of the illegal games gutsy online poker players use to boost their chance of earning: poker online pakai pulsa

  • Multiple Accounts

Almost all poker sites offer a good welcome bonus to woo new players. In this hyper-competitive market, it is a great marketing strategy as it gives players to learn the game without any risk. However, some players create multiple accounts using fake identity and address to take the advantages of welcome bonus. They use software to hide IP address so that the online poker site couldn’t identify the location.

Some risky players use multiple accounts to play the same game at the same time so that they could see more cards and increase the chance of winning. This might give short-term satisfaction in terms of bonus and rare victories, as system easily picks any spurious activity and take necessary action. Since it is a fraud, poker sites normally freeze the bankroll and suspend all accounts.

The identity fraud could land you in big trouble as the banking system gets involved in the matter.

  • Poker Bots

Your mathematical skills decide your chance of winning in online poker. If you are good in calculations and know how to use it at the right time, you can boost your winning probability. Poker bots, a computer program, have been designed to help you make those calculations for you and play on your behalf. Since bots are emotion-less, it can make neutral calculations discounting any emotional influence.

If we discount some very popular bots like “Polaris” or “DeepComputer”, the effectiveness of bots is at a very minimal level. Online poker sites have technology and manpower to find and filter bot activity. So, you have to be very careful in using poker bots.

There are no doubt software can do complex calculation better than humans without any complaint of fatigue. But effectiveness depends on how good your poker bot is?

This exactly helps in exposing the bots. The mechanical emotion-less style of play with better than average outcome is enough to alert the system. In online poker rule books, you cannot use bots and it calls for disqualification.If caught, your bankroll could be frozen and the account got suspended.

  • Help from Ghost

Compared to the poker bots, help from the ghost player is a relatively lesser level of a cheat. If you are a new poker player and you know some pro then you can share your screen with him and get helpful advice and increase your chance of winning win. Well, the effectiveness of the strategy depends on the strength of your ghost partner.

One can not take help in poker tournaments, but it is very tough to enforce in online poker. Online screen sharing tools have made it extremely easy to get help from a ghost.

  • Collude to Dump Chips

It is all about playing in sync with co-player according to the strength of numbers. One player dumps chips in favor of the other so that both could benefit. Two or more players simply cooperate to spread each other and win money of an opponent. It is a simple case of fraud.

In the case of online poker, players collide with each other to share their hole cards via any communication tools and the next move accordingly. Well, this is very tough to detect as there is no involvement of the poker site in the activity. But opponent can easily guess it and inform the system administrator.

You play poker with the full understanding of the fact that it is a game of risk and you find pleasure in that risk with a hope of winning big. You simply cannot violate the code of ethics to cheat your co-players. Play with ethics, victory will be yours!