maintenance of organic gemstones

Although the red coral is the same as the pearl, it is also derived from the water, but it is not as delicate as the pearl. Red coral can be soaked in water, if it is soaked in water for a long time, the pores on the surface will make the color fade.The water used in our daily life is generally chemically treated and contains some trace elements. The fluorine element will damage the structure of the red coral. Therefore, it is necessary to remove the red coral when bathing and swimming.
Amber, pearls and corals are all organic gems. Everyone should also find that organic gemstones are best not in an environment that is too hot or too humid.These jewels are also more susceptible to oxidation. For routine maintenance, we can apply a layer of oil on the surface, such as mineral oil, cooking oil, baby emollient oil, to isolate the contact between oxygen and jewelry(mothersjewelry).Also avoid contact with organic solvents such as nail polish, dry cleaners and various thinners.
When cleaning them, use a neutral detergent, such as household dishwashing (suitable for acid and alkali, not to hurt your hands; or diluted soapy water). Immediately wipe dry it and place it in a well ventilated place to naturally dry the moisture remaining in its voids.

Crystal is a jewel that can improve a person’s magnetic field because it can enhance energy by itself. In this case, if the crystal is placed next to a computer, a television, a microwave oven, etc. for a long time, the radiation will change the energy of the crystal, and the crystal that originally brought good luck may not play any role.
What should you do if this happens? You can degauss the crystal, in other words, let the crystal “charge” in the crystal cluster, and clear the messy message to re-energize the inner energy.Even if it is not placed near the appliance, the crystal also need to demagnetized regularly, in order to eliminate the various negative energy that it absorbs form you everyday.
Summary:maintenance of colored stones:
There are also many methods for degaussing crystals: the general irradiation method and the sea salt method are the most common methods.
The irradiation method is to place the crystal on the balcony for 30~60min when the sun is hottest. It can also be used when the moonlight is sufficient. The method and time are similar. The sea salt method is to bury the crystal in the sea salt for 24 hours. Both methods purify the crystal.
Other colored stones can also be demagnetized by the above two methods. Degaussing is the maintenance of exclusive colored gemstones. Organic gemstones and jade are generally not needed.
Some colored gemstones are inherently cracked and contained, or fragile, such as emeralds, and should be worn with care to avoid collisions. Cleaning colored gems are the same as cleaning organic gems.