Using Silicone Molds for Making Candles

Using Silicone Molds for Making Candles

I am a candle addict. I think they add so much extra cosiness into a home. I love that nowadays there is such a great variety of them with lovely shapes, colours, aromas and they are also made from quality ingredients. But some 10 years ago, candles left a lot of residues and there were not that big variety to choose from. That’s when I had the idea to start making them myself to get more exciting shapes and colours and also use all the unburned wax.

Candle making seemed to be quite an easy task at first. But when I started thinking about the silicone molds to make candles in, I couldn’t really find any. So, at first, I used milk cartons or Pringles jars, but I would have wanted more exciting shapes. Boy, was I happy when different silicone molds for baking started to appear in supermarkets. They made both baking and candle making so much easier.

So, I will now share some tips on how you can also make lovely candles with silicone molds.

Supplies you need:

  • Wax (paraffin or soy) in desired colour – you can also use old candle wax residues
  • A silicone mold of desired shape
  • Candlewick
  • Wicking Needle
  • Wick holder or something similar like a pencil or bamboo stick

Step 1: Cover your workspace with thick paper or PVC to make sure wax doesn’t get on your furniture.

Step 2: Thread the needle with the wick. Make sure you have enough for the candle plus extra to wrap around the wick holder. Pull the wick through the hole in your silicone mold. If your silicone mold doesn’t have a wick hole in it, make one in the middle with wicking needle. Try to leave the hole as tiny as possible so the melted wax doesn’t get through the hole. You may need to use a wick sealant or white tac, which should keep any of the wax from seeping out.

Step 3: Straighten and fix the wick in place by wrapping it around wick holder or a bamboo stick. You may need to secure it with some sticky tape.

Step 4: Melt the wax in a heat-resistant bowl or pot until it is transparent, keeping a constant eye on it.

Step 5: Pour the melted wax into silicone mold, making sure the wick stays nicely in the middle of the candle.

Step 6: Let the wax harden for some hours. Once the wax has completely cooled and hardened, remove your candle from the silicone mold.

Voila! You have a lovely candle in desired shape and colour.